Is the park open to teenagers?
The park is mainly aimed at children under 12 years old. However, we accept teenagers provided that their attitude is not dangerous for the little ones. Admission prices for adolescents are the same as for children.
Do you offer reduced rates for leisure centers, the disabled, the unemployed, etc.?
We offer reduced prices for children under 85 cm and for leisure centers (prices on request for 20 children minimum). These rates are listed in the "Rates" section.
How can we contact you?
Clic on contact or information
Do you privatize your establishment for weddings, birthdays…?
We can privatize the premises for all kinds of events. Please contact us for a quote to meet your requests.
What is the maximum capacity
We can accommodate up to 1,500 people.
Can we bring our food or drinks?
We do not accept food or beverages from outside for health and safety reasons.
Can I bring my own cake for my child's birthday?
You cannot bring your own cake unless you have a known food allergy. In this case, you can bring a piece of cake for the child concerned.
Can my 16 year old son keep my 10 year old child?
The presence of an adult over 18 is required. Adolescents under the age of 18 cannot be accompanied.
Do you organize birthdays? What are the prices and formulas offered?
We offer various formulas for birthdays. Please refer to the “Birthdays” section of our website.
Why is there no monitoring in games, especially in cars or monorails?
The island of Tortuga is an amusement park, the children remaining under the responsibility of the parents. In order to keep prices attractive, permanent monitoring of all activities is not possible. However, we have full-time employees whose sole task is to supervise the children. However, they cannot supervise all the children.
Are games dangerous?
All games have been controlled by several independent control offices.
Why don't you install movable barriers at the exits of the monorail?
Current standards for pinching and pulling arms prevent us from installing such barriers. However, we have placed flexible barriers at these locations.
Do you have parking spaces?
We have 120 parking spaces available. In addition, the area near our establishment contains many additional parking spaces.
What are the capacities of the birthday rooms?
We can accommodate 19 people in our birthday rooms. We also have a large room that can hold up to 35 people.
Are there specific events for birthdays?
We do not offer dedicated entertainment. However, a disco session is planned for children celebrating their birthday.
Why is the snack so expensive?
We offer quality ingredients: our beef is Irish Black Angus, and some of our pastries come from the same supplier as Starbucks.